Project description


Children are in social interaction from the moment they are born. When the children reach school age, they begin to expand
their environment associated with their living area. Power imbalances, especially in their school environments where
children are together, and negative behavioral actions are important because they sometimes are affected their
developmental processes negatively. For creating the risk table, providing life skills support, adopting a peaceful school
climate and appropriating education methods, the goals we would like to achieve in the project are as follows:
* To succeed in creating a safe environment in early childhood.
* To establish a common policy to prevent violent behavior in schools.
* To ensure that all elements act consciously in order to prevent violence in our schools.
* To introduce children to the sense of empathy, to identify activities that will improve children’s social and emotional
* To create an environment for them to connect with each other.
* Educators should be aware of the signs of violence in the school environment and intervene. For this reason to develop
professional competences of teachers to get to know children.
* To exchange ideas with our partners on the prevention of negative learning that students can take as models.
* To determine the number of students exhibiting aggressive behavior and peer bullying in educational institutions, within the
scope of the project.
* To have the necessary plan and methodology for minimizing or eliminating this problem within the scope of information
exchange with our partners through activities and studies to be carried out.
* To provide an environment where students feel safe in line with our goals.
* To empathize and directing thinking beyond the classroom by using approaches such as collaborative learning.
*To ensure the students’ communicate with their peers freely and calmly with instructional training plans and develop
positive strategies.
* To be made with partner organizations, in the monitoring and evaluation of education and training within the scope of the
plan and program
to identify implementation models, share them with other partner organizations and disseminate them throughout Europe.
* To develop and share educational policies and intervention strategies for the prevention of aggression at an early age at
the end of the project.
* To provide an opportunity to demonstrate and share results and guidelines prepared with national and European
institutions. In order to achieve these goals, we have planned 4 activities, 3 face-to-face and 1 virtual.
* To prevent aggression and overcome stress in educational settings we will prepare studies on social-emotional learning
* To turn classrooms into a meaningful and safe space with methods of avoiding fear and anxiety and coping with
* Solutions to prevent aggression and violence against students with special needs
* Final and dissemination meeting.