24stPrimary School Heraklion

Legal name – 24stPrimary School Heraklion
Country – Greece
Region – Κρήτη (Kriti)
Website  –

Our sOur school was founded in 1964. It is housed in an old building which was used as foundling hospital. It is located near
the City Centre.
The school itself has 218 students aged 6-12 and is taught by a devoted team of teachers both in the morning and afternoon
zones including two special needs teachers for three students needing additional help. There are 2 classes in each level.
This academic year our school is operating with 20+ members of staff with the teachers collaborating on this project all
having a proficient knowledge of the English language. Some of our students are immigrants from different countries
(Albania, Bulgaria and Ukraine) and refuges from Syria. They face difficulties with the Greek language.Greek students are
very friendly and they also try to help these children to incorporate in the school environment Presently all of our students
learn English from Grade C and onwards. Additionally, from Grade E they learn either French or German.