Every employee of an educational establishment, who has perceived violence shall take immediate action to stop the violence the violence and protect the victim.

Violence is interrupted by:

– separating the children involved,

– calling for appropriate help, if necessary,

– removing the perpetrator to a separate room (school counselling service, the head teacher or, depending on the agreement, the educational establishment),

– protect the victim by removing him/her to a safe place away from the perpetrator.


If a child is injured and needs medical attention, call an ambulance. One of the teachers accompanies the child to the doctor. In case of injury, immediately inform the parents of the injured child.


Afterwards, the professional or other staff member who detected the violence speaks separately with the victim. The aim of the conversation is to reassure the child, provide emotional support, talk if the child wants to talk about it, and what the next steps will be to resolve the problem. The aim of the first discussion with the victim is not to explore the incident (what, where, who, why, when the violence happened), nor is it aimed at counselling, which is the domain of the school counselling service and is part of the process of intervention of dealing with the perpetration of peer violence.


In the meantime, the perpetrator may be spoken to by a counsellor, the head teacher or another professional. It is important not to confront the victim and that any bystanders are not present during this conversation. The aim of this conversation is to calm the perpetrator, to protect him from further violence, not to explore what is happening.


The professional or other staff member who directly perceived the peer violence reports the incident on the same day or no later than the day after the violence was reported inform the class teachers of all those involved, the school counselling service and the head teacher.


The educational establishment informs the parents of the victim and the perpetrator of the incident. This is followed by a record of the perception of violence, which must contain the following information:

– what happened

– where it happened

– when it happened

– who was involved in the violence

– the actions of the professional or staff member who perceived the violence


The undersigned gives the record to the school counselling service.